What is CellPro?

CellPro Data Flow

Understanding Spreadsheet Risk

Excel spreadsheets are widely used in business organizations to perform data analysis tasks. However, when important business decisions have to be made based on the results of such analysis, a high level of risk is involved due to manual data input errors, lack of testing and poor security. Consequences include financial losses, mispricing, poor decision making, fraud and compliance failures.

Managing Spreadsheet Risk

With CellPro™ data flows seamlessly from enterprise repositories to your Excel models automatically with added security, control, monitoring, reporting and validation support at every step. All data in your Excel models are collected into a central database for comparative analysis, queries and reports, producing massive savings in relation to bespoke application development or custom BI solutions. Data are sourced from reliable enterprise repositories, which alongside control, monitoring and validation processes, prevents financial losses caused by manual input errors.
CellPro™ provides a sophisticated level of security and access control, to help prevent financial and reputational losses caused by fraudulent activity. The history of data changes in your Excel models is recorded to satisfy all traceability and auditing requirements, with huge savings in relation to manual processes, preventing losses caused by non-compliance.
CellPro™ is fully customizable to specific client requirements, saving money on bespoke software development for replacement applications. For more information or to discuss how CellPro™ can be used in your organization to control spreadsheet risk and to implement solutions tailored to your specific requirements, contact us or submit a query using the form below.

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